Catwalk: The Journal of Fashion, Beauty, and Style, part of the Global Interdisciplinary Research Studies series, is a triple blind peer reviewed inter- and trans-disciplinary academic journal, published twice a year that emphasizes theoretical and methodological analyses. Illustrated in color and black/white, Catwalk publishes articles focused on the historical, social, cultural, psychological, political, business, media, technology, performance, representational, and artistic dimensions of fashion, beauty, and style. Our starting point is that these lie at the very heart of persons, their sense of identity and individual expressiveness, and influence the communities and world in which they live. Core themes explored by the journal include: the dressed and undressed body; performance and self-fashioning; adulated, marginal, and deviant bodies; fashion designers; street fashion and style trends; popular culture; the social construction of glamour, celebrity and icons; the influence of race, ethnicity, nation, class, age, gender, and sexuality on identity and discourses about and representations of fashion-beauty-style; the history of fashion and beauty; fashion photography; fashion, museums,  and exhibition making; art and fashion; fashion communication and technology; the fashion industrial consumer complex;fashion cities and regions; and developments in fashionable wearables and sustainable fashion. We also publish interviews with designers and fashion-oriented artists.